We provide support & products for seafloor mapping, offshore positioning & underwater detection. Our expertise & technology for bathymetric engineering & hydrographic surveying ensures project quality & efficiency for your success.


We train & support for a variety of applications including hydrographic surveying, dredging, pipeline & route surveying, diver detection, search & recovery, oil & gas leak detection, & habitat mapping.


Get expert, unbiased guidance that targets the relevant gear for your projects, budgets & business goals. We offer professional advice for long term success.


Skilled and practical on-project training. Learn in your work environment and be ready for the unexpected. Efficiently complete USACE and NOAA contract requirements.


Be turn-key ready and confident for your next project. Sensor installation, integration & commissioning. Obtain Harbor & Sea Acceptance Tests (HAT & SAT) that exceed required specs.


Available to see you through tough projects and for continued survey support. With Seahorse, do it right to save time, costs and secure future projects.


SEAHORSE Geomatics MarineSPAN® technology tightly couples industry leading NovAtel GNSS receivers with Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) to provide reliable, continuously available, position, velocity and attitude—even during times when satellite signals are blocked or unavailable such as alongside ships, piers or under bridges.

Norbit’s Wideband Multibeam Sonar series employs a compact and versatile curved-array sonar that utilizes the latest in analog and digital signal processing. Featuring a range of options for various applications, these multifaceted sonar systems are the class leader in affordability, compact size and high-resolution bathymetry.


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